Learnings in my 25


After having hits and flops in my 25, I just stepped into my 26.

Here are the learnings in my high and low…,

1) Drink a lot of water and don’t skip breakfast. It takes one night in the hospital to make it my all-time high priority. Visit the hospital sometime.

2) Morning walk at the beach is good for physical and mental health. One of the low cost or even free way to feel good. If you can’t afford a sea then you can at least spend time in the morning sun. Physical activities give you a mental freshness.

3) Build a team, Hire talents and Fire a people. Have a happy ending. Take decisions, play the real game. Don’t hire emotionally. We(People) are here to learn. Learning is moving. So allow anyone to be with you and move on you. Dependency makes you weak, but collaboration makes you stronger.

4) There are two types of history. One is what happened and another one is what we heard. In general, there is a pattern behind most of the impact people, they believed themselves so others also followed their belief.

5) Confidence, sense of humour, passion, interest, humanity, understandings are a new beauty to have.

6) The family is the best ever structure humans we found. In bad times, the family is more important than what we think.

7) Have two separate lives (Personal and Professional) and one character.

8) Don’t give special status easily to anything. Everything needs worth try and worth value to sustain for the long term. Short term people never stay long.

9) Read -> Learn -> Unlearn. Books are my best companions in my 25.

10) Have ME time. Spend time with your own self, your own self-needs you to listen. This is the best pleasure to have. that’s the one best advice nobody ever said to me.

12) Like the progress, love the critics.

13) Build -> Fail/Success -> Learn. Build something to build yourself. Have a crush/love on your products.

14) To build something as a team:
As a product owner Share the excitement, tell the impact, visualize the outcome, first make them interest, then ask them to involve and build the product. It really works well. Interest and passion are spreading the virus.

15) Enjoy the emoji, it conveys a lot which text can’t.❤️ It may look alike simple thing, but gives the value of a lot and adds more interest in a conversation.

16) Meditation is nothing but doing what you like with your topmost concentration.

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