The best 6 things I learned in my 26

Being in the twenties always an exciting one. Especially making a late twenties as a prime time of life is a good thing to cherish. Here are the best 6 things I learned in my 26.


1) Learn Finance
The early twenties are the best age to start learning about finance. Start to understand Assets, Liability, Value Appreciating things, Value Deprecating things, Scarcity, ROI, Compound Interest and Inflation.

You don’t need to come from an economics background to understand finance. Internet and informative people around you are enough to learn about Finance. In my opinion, Finance should be taught in school. If we want to enjoy the benefit of money then we should learn finance before start to earn. If you have the kids in your family, start to teach them finance. The only regret I had in this year is that I’m not aware of finance early. To read a good article on finance “Why I quit Google and built an app that teaches personal finance to kids” by Adam Naor .


2) Books are Overrated
In general, Books and Fruits are overrated. Choose good people over normal books. Good people = Good books = Good experiences.

Good Books > Normal People.
Normal Books < Good People.
Normal Books > Normal People.

Still, I say, Books are better than people at many times. Because books won’t miss a good reader.


3) Celebrate Yourself!
At the end of every day, it is you and you only. So Be Soft and Kind to yourself. Understand you to compose yourself again and again. Feed the best to you. Know your prime time in your life.

The thumb rule is mostly Masses are a fool. Prepare yourself to stand for the right thing against the mass’ flow (Avoid the Social Pressure, It affects you financially too). Staying away from the masses’ habit is a testimony for your determination. Surely it will you better.

At least, have one physical activity. It does not mean it will be built you, at worst times it will engage you. Give pain to your body, take credit and celebrate the moments. Move an extra inch each day.

Learn to appreciate each and every, tiny to tall size things. that’s how life gets better each day and every moment.


4) Be Balanced
Practise and Learn to be balanced in everything. In simple terms, our thoughts are life. The Likes of Overthinking, overeating, overdoing anything can break us. Realising that we are starting to think can divert us from overthinking. To be balanced is one of the hardest skill IMHO. It starts with Self Realization and then to be Balanced state. Here is a good article to read about overthinking and a way to control it.


5) It’s okay not to respect the people
It should be odd to hear for the first time. Give value to the people, and get value from the people. Make it mutual.
Respect != Value.
When you start to value the people, you don’t need to have namesake respect. Value > Respect. One of the best things I realized at this time.

Give value to everyone. At this moment, I see respect as a fake value.


6) Take a cold shower every morning
Take a cold shower, it does wonder. Every single time cold shower does the magic, even at 4 am or 4 pm. I never thought I can do this for the past 6 months.



Feeling grateful to the people whoever I met online/offline throughout the journey😍.
Spread Love & Peace❤️.
With ❤️ Ragu.

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